There's a New Botox Trend Taking Over...

The new botox beauty trend that's taking over — it's not what you think though...

...but it's not what you think.

Forget botox just for for anti-aging and sending wrinkles and crows feet to meet their doom, women are now turning to this proven miracle worker for a new reason — to sweat less at the gym and not waste a good blowout. Yes, you heard that right. Dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco breaks down why this is all the rage in the beauty world right now.

How realistic is this solution to sweating?

Some women who get forehead botox have reported less sweat and frizz along the hairline, but It is not realistic for most women. It is an "off-label" use. I think it's interesting though, and indicative of the lengths and depths women will go to to have great hair! 

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What would you suggest as alternate options?

  1. Dry shampoo! It's a terrific product, which absorbs oil and sweat. When applied prior to a workout (and after) it’s a safe and effective way of reducing sweat and oil build up.
  2. Do not wear a cap or kerchief while working out — your scalp will sweat more.
  3. Shampoo before the gym specifically if you have oily hair and not use a conditioner at that time. Your hair and scalp will be "dry" and sweating will not mix with as much oil and be soaked up by scalp. After the gym, women must "make up" for that lack of conditioner and use a product like Clear Active Damage Shampoo & Conditioner to nourish the scalp and hair.

What are the other crazy ways you've seen botox being used?

There are many innovative off-label uses of botulinum toxin that include:

  1. To "lift" the tip of the nose.
  2. To treat peri oral lines (lipstick lines).
  3. To smoothe "bunny lines" on the nose.
  4. There was also buzz around use of the toxin to give a breast lift.

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How young is too young for botox?

Many women ask me this question and I rephrase it as, "How early is too early?” The youngest woman I have injected was 25. That's young, but she had deep crows feet from years of sun exposure so she was a good candidate. On the other hand, I saw a beautiful young woman age 30, with not a wrinkle who wanted it to "prevent.” I told her it was too early. Every woman is different and needs to have a serious sit down with the professional administering the treatment.

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