The Ex Factor

I’ve always been haunted by my ex-boyfriends. Even if they did me dirty or just weren't that into me; they always come back into my life somehow.

The latest ex to pop back into my life was my first serious boyfriend. First BF and I were together for seven months in 2003. It ended because we were in different places. He was reveling in politics while I was left wondering if our passions and interests aligned. We parted ways, but not before taking a "break," having lots of break-up sex, yelling and crying buckets of tears (unfortunately me, not him).

Years after the break-up, we met up for dinner in an attempt to be friends but we never made it past appetizers once I realized he was still trying to sex me up. He’s contacted me a few times since then but we haven't seen each other or hung out at all. Until last weekend when he showed up at Camaradas for my singles mixer. According to my girlfriend, First BF cornered her and began to interrogate homegirl all about me.

When he came inside and approached me I was cool and, honestly, it wasn’t difficult to maintain my detachment—I wasn’t attracted to him anymore and was wondering what I had seen in him to begin with. He chatted me up for a few minutes, telling me how happy he was to see me again. I listened and smiled, but I was kind of bored...that’s the thing with ghosts from the past. Once they reappear you realize they were really meant to buried.