Being Latina, my family and I have always been very affectionate.  Every family and friendly gathering begins and ends with hugs and kisses no matter if there are 4 people or 20 people in the room.  While naturally inclined to hugs and kisses there is one kind of kiss I'm not a fan of - kissing kids on the lips. Don't get me wrong, I know some folks grew up with it and it's totally natural, blah, blah, blah. Good for you but it's not for me. 

It's never been a big deal since both my husband and I agree smooching our daughters on the lips is not for our family.  However, now that our toddler is older and notices everything, it seems we're going to have to convince her cheek is best.  The other day she cupped my face in her tiny hands and gave me her sweetest princess face and planted a big ole kiss on my lips.  Yes, it was sweet.  Yes, I laughed.  And yes, I quickly told her you only give besitos on cheeks. Clever as she is, she asked how come mami and papi kiss on the lips.  I put on my very authoritative parent voice and told her only mami and papi could kiss on the lips; everyone else gets a sweet one planted on their cheek.

The days of her easily agreeing with me...wait I've never known days like that!  Anywho, she was having none of it. She proceeded to plant about a dozen kisses on my lips despite trying desperately to turn my face. She was bursting with giggles and so was I. Kisses on cheeks?  We're working on it!

How about you? Are you a lip smacker or cheek smoocher? I've heard of folks who still, as grown adults, still kiss their parents on the lips.  It's what they grew up with, part of their family culture.  How do you plant them?