Happy Frida Friday! Here are 14 Flower-Made Frida Portraits That Will Have you Dying for More

Frida Kahlo is in full bloom!

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Frida inspired artwork has been a popular trend lately with many purchasing totes, bedding, posters, t-shirts and phone cases that all capture the essence of the flower-crown queen. Vicki Rawlins is the latest artist to portray the Mexican painter in her artwork where she creates portraits of Frida solely out of flowers. Vicki owns an online shop, along with her daughter, named Sister Golden, which sells personal handcrafted pieces as well as a "thoughtfully curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces from independent artists from across the world." All of these portraits are made strictly with natural ingredients and are not attached to the surface in any manner so Vicki and her daughter, Brooke, photograph the ephemeral portraits and sell them as prints and in calendars. 

Check below to see some of our favorite Frida flower creations!

1. Cool Frida

This portrait is made up of cool tones, the blues and purple tones really contrast those striking Frida-famous brows. 

2. Cute Frida

The detail in these artworks are so intricate. From the brows to the earrings, every single part of this portrait is made out of flowers and foliage.

3. Nestling Frida

As if the portrait wasn't already hard enough, the addition of the birds add to the beauty of the piece. 

4. Exuberant Frida

This is one of our absolutle favorites, this portrait is extremely colorful, giving us lively and playful feels. 

5. Regal Frida

The feminist icon's strength and passion exude from these artworks. 

6. Business Frida

This portrait differs from the others by having her in a suit, which seems fitting for a woman who was no stranger to pushing gendered boundaries. 

7. Flirty Frida

Frida serving some sass! We can't help but wish that there was a place we can buy her stunning necklace from. 

8. Unbothered Frida

This portrait is simply breathtaking, and can be seen featured as the month of "September" in Vicki's 2018 Foraging for Frida Calendar.

9. Autumnal Frida

A beautiful warm color scheme perfect for fall. 

10. Diverse Frida

The wide assortment of flowers and leaves in this piece is astounding. 

11. Simplistic Frida

12. Rosy Frida

We love the use of the rose in this piece, such a romantic and symbolic flower choice. 

13. Pondering Frida

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Frida was a frequent smoker, so this potrait is an accurate and gorgeous depiction of the Latin artist. 


14. Peaceful Frida

Another one of our absolute favorites that effectively captures the noncomformist in Frida along with some 60s vibes.