Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Look Hopelessly In Love In Rare Home Video


Frida y Diego en la Casa Azul

Nadie sabrá jamás cómo quiero a Diego. No quiero que nada lo hiera, que nada lo moleste y le quite energía que él necesita para vivir, vivir como a él le dé la gana, Pintar, ver amar, comer, dormir, sentirse solo, sentirse acompañado; pero nunca quisiera que estuviera triste. Si yo tuviera salud quisiera dársela toda, si yo tuviera juventud toda la podría tomar, No soy solamente la madre, soy el embrión. el germen, la primera célula que- en potencia- lo engendró. Soy él desde las más primitivas y más antiguas células, que con el tiempo se volvieron él. Cada momento él es mi niño, mi niño nacido, cada ratito, diario, de mí misma.Frida Kahlo

Posted by Frida Kahlo on Monday, February 29, 2016

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's marriage has gone down in history as one of the most romantic, passionate love affairs of all time. Though we have paintings, photographs, and love letters, we haven't seen them in motion too many times. 

A Frida Kahlo fanpage recently posted the above video, which shows Kahlo and Rivera basking happily in their home in Mexico City, La Casa Azul. The imagery has been juxtaposed with an English-language translation of one of Kahlo's writings about Rivera. The narration comes from the book Frida Kahlo: Una Vida Abierta by Raquel Tibol, Vivala reports.

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Translated, it reads:

"Nobody will ever know how much I love Diego. I don't want anything to hurt him, nothing to bother him and rob him of the energy he needs for living, for living as he likes, for painting, seeing, loveing, eating, sleeping, being by himself, being with someone... But I'd never want him to be sad. If I had good health, I would give him all of it. If I had youth, he could take it all. I am not only a mother fool, I'm the embryo, the germ, the first cell potentially that engendered him. I am Diego from the oldest and most primitive cells, which will in time become him. At every moment, he is my child, my child born every little while, every day from my own self."

Though Kahlo is known for her paintings, she certainly had a way with words. Watch the video above!