Salma Hayek's Four Funniest Moments!

This weekend, Salma Hayek-Pinault costars in the family movie Grown Ups, as the uptight clothes designer wife of Adam Sandler, one of five childhood friends who reunite for a weekend in a lakeside cabin. Salma looks amazing and she plays the ice queen very well, but we couldn’t help but leave the theater less than satisfied.

Why were we left wanting more? Because Salma Hayek utters exactly ONE funny line in the whole movie! Granted, it was a good one (“That was a man’s ass?” she asks, as David Spade’s character climbs the stairs sin pantalones), but what a waste! Why cast Salma—who has proved both on the big screen and on TV that she can create funny moments—and then underuse her? Didn’t the casting directors see our four favorite comedic moments below?

1. Salma 30 Rock

30 Rock (2009): As the Puerto Rican at-home nurse to Jack’s mother, Salma balances working-girl nerve with sweetness. A highlight quote (when Jack warns her that his mother is difficult and hangs around in underwear):

Elisa: “You should have seen my grandmother in her later years. Do you know what kind of clothes old Puerto Rican ladies wear around the house?”

Jack: “No.”

Elisa: “Me neither, cause she never wore any.”

2. Salma Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Show (September 2008): Salma and the late night show host go head to head in an over-the-top music video in which Salma spoofs her own sexy reputation. She sings about why she’s too hot for him, he tries to convince her in the least convincing way that they should hook up. One of the best lines: “I’m very sexy/and you are disgusting/I am attractive and your pants are busting.”

3. Salma Bandidas

Bandidas (2006): Salma has great chemistry with her off-screen pal Penelope Cruz, so it’s no surprise that this underrated flick offers some of her funniest moments. In an early scene, both their characters inadvertently show up at the same bank to rob it. When Maria (Penelope) tells her to go find another one to rob, Sara replies: “It’s the only one in town. It doesn’t matter. I’m taking this bank. Then, she pulls at the handkerchief covering Maria’s face. “And take that mask off. It doesn’t even match your shirt!” Classic chick flick moment.

4. Salma Dogma

Dogma (1999): Wearing thick black-rimmed glasses and pigtails, Salma performs what will likely go down in cinematic history as the goofiest pole dance ever. Oh, and did we mention she's supposed to be Serendipity, a heavenly muse with writer's block who has to turned to stripping to make ends meet?

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