WATCH: Amazing 'Juan of the Dead' Trailer!

OK, so we were pretty excited when we heard a few months ago that there was a Cuban Zombie film being made. But after seeing the trailer for Juan of the Dead from writer and director Alejandro Brugues, we absolutely can not WAIT to see this movie.

Cuban Movie Revolution: Juan of the Dead?

In the hysterical sneak peek at Cuba's first ever Zombie film, we meet, Juan (portrayed by Cuban actor Alexis Diaz de Villegas), who introduces himself as, "Juan of the dead, we kill your beloved ones, how can I help you?" Um, do we even need another reason to be waiting in anticipation for this movie to hit U.S. shores?

"It's a zombie film but it's about Cubans and how we react in the face of a crisis because we've had a lot of them here over the last 50 years," the 34-year-old Brugues told BBC World Service's The Strand of his second film since graduating from Cuba's International School of Film and Television. "It is a social comedy, it has a bit of everything," he continued. "It has horror, it has action and it pretty much laughs in the face of problems."

Check out the official trailer below and tell us if you're looking forward to it as much as we are: