WATCH: Kermit Explains How He Got His Spanish Name "Rana René"

WATCH: 'The Muppets' Promo

We know The Muppets isn’t premiering until Wednesday (November 23), but we just had to share the incredibly adorable promo video below. Kermit the Frog explains in Spanish why he’s known throughout Latin America as René. “It all started in Mexico,” Kermy muses. “The first time I went there, they presented me as René and I didn’t want to be rude so I never corrected them.”

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 Before he can finish his story, Kermit is rudely interrupted by Miss Piggy (of course!), who has her own theory as to why her beau wanted to change his name. In the new film, The Muppets, the whole gang bands together to save their old theater from an oil tycoon. Check the film out to catch a peek of Rico Rodriguez, one of the stars of Modern Family.

Watch the cute video below: