Exclusive: Kevin Alejandro Talks Kissing Aimee Garcia in 'Lucifer'

Photo: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Kevin Alejandro couldn't have been happier about Lucifer's renewal, thanks to all the fans that went to bat for the series. And on the heels of the show's fifth and final season renewal announcement, Alejandro has a lot to say about what went down during season four.

As Lucifer found a new home at Netflix, things got hot and steamy for Alejandro's character Detective Dan Espinoza. We chatted with the actor/director about that steamy hook-up with Aimee Garcia's character Ella Lopez and everything else that went down this season.

Latina: There's so much to talk about but I wanted to dive head first into the most exciting thing to happen on Lucifer. Tell me all about Dan and Ella and what the future holds for them?

Kevin Alejandro: That moment between Dan and Ella was so visceral and honest, it makes me tear up just thinking about. We have two souls, equally lost, equally pained, and both looking for answers to impossible questions. 

The second they looked into each other’s eyes they felt an undeniable spark of understanding. It was a chemistry only they understood andboth needed. It’s one of my favorite moments for our characters in any season.

They were able to satisfy a hunger in each other in a beautifully honest way. I think it’s and experience that is best left where it is. It’s theirs and they will share it forever. 

As excited as we are with that hookup, Dan still has a lot going on internally. He’s still processing a lot and struggled because of it this season. Can you discuss where he was mentally and what you hope happens for him in the future?

Dan is confused, he is in pain, and he is trying with his entirety to hold himself together.  I really hope he is able to grab a hold of something that gives his existence a meaning for himself. 

The show was really next level after moving to Netflix. How awesome did you guys feel when you saw your fans rally together to get the show another season?

This group of people and I have created such an amazing experience for us all to enjoy. It felt like a literal punch in the stomach when we heard we were cancelled. None of us were ready to say goodbye. Thank “God” our audience wasn’t either. To witness true strength in numbers by the voices that shouted for us to stay was overwhelming. We owe our fans everything for getting the attention of NETFLIX and saving our show. We are forever grateful.

Lucifer is a thorn in Dan’s side but you almost had him killed! With Lucifer back in hell, I’m not sure what to think about the future.

WE HAVE NO IDEA!!! I think this season was beautifully crafted. With Lucifer back in hell it can go anywhere!

We need more Dan next season! With such a large cast, is there anyone you’ve not worked with much that you’d love to work with more? Maybe therapy with Linda?

Working more with Rachel Harris would be a dream come true. She’s so good. I think my favorite scenario would be something outside of therapy. Something devastating that she and I could encounter that would help our characters evolve in some way, either good or bad! She is one of my favorites. I know we have a big ensemble of actors, but Rachel hasn’t had the chance to really spread her wings yet. Pun intended! I’d love to be the character by side when she gets that opportunity.