Get Cheeky: 7 Celebrities In Short Shorts!

As the weather heats up, men and women around the world anticipate some much needed shapely satisfaction. This summer, we'll be admiring beautiful derrieres of all shapes and sizes, including those that aren't a size two. Here are some of our favorite celeb beauties who embrace the booty:

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1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner doesn’t only flaunt her little assets on the runway. Slay much?

2. Cyn Santana

She may not have found the love she hoped for on Love and Hip Hop, but Cyn Santana proves Dominican and Salvadorian is a gorgeous collaboration for killer curves.

3. Beyonce

You would think the #Beyhive stung more than Queen Bey’s haters. Beyonce said it herself, “Cake by the pound!”

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez — the original nalga queen — never needed a Brazilian butt lift; it’s all authentic!

5. Zulay Henao

Jesus Christo! This Colombiana is sitting pretty.

6. Cassie

P. Diddy's Mexicana girlfriend, Cassie, has a bum perfect for the beach. 

7. Iris Chacon

Make no mistake, these ladies have been following the cakes of the great. Iris Chacon, the legendary boricua bombshell, was shaking it up on David Letterman's show before anybody else. Talk about throwback!