EXCLUSIVE: Bella Twins Talk About Their Debut Clothing line 'Birdiebee'

You would think that with Nikki Bella planning her upcoming wedding to WWE superstar John Cena and Brie Bella enjoying motherhood alongside husband and former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, that the Bella Twins would be spending more time away from the spotlight. But the duo recently launched their own line of wines under the Bella Radici label, they’re making plans to return to WWE in 2018 and have now also debuted their clothing line Birdiebee. 

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Latina caught up with the gorgeous twins at their clothing launch held at Wanderlust Hollywood this week where they gave us the scoop on all things Birdiebee. Guests celebrated with a variety of sweets and a salsa dance lesson taught by Nikki’s former “Dancing with the Stars” partner Artem Chigvintsev. 

What inspired you to create your own clothing line?

Brie: We started talking about it just over three years ago while Nikki and I were sitting on a plane. This was at the time that Ronda Rousey first main event at UFC where we saw this big woman empowerment going on all over the country. So Nikki and I were thinking how we could encourage this movement? One day we decided we’d actually walk the walk instead of just talk the talk. During this flight, we decided to create a brand to unite women that’ll make them feel strong. That’s how Birdiebee was born.

The collection is soft and comfortable. It can be worn almost anywhere. Why did you decide to kick-off your collection with sportswear?

Nikki: We chose the clothing based on how Brie and I live life. We love to take care of our bodies. So we wanted to consider not just what we put into our bodies but what we put on them. That’s why we went with premium fabrics, even though it put us at a higher price point.

Brie and I are always on-the-go, running errands. I don’t do errands in high heels and a hot outfit. I like to be in clothing that is both cute and comfortable. So if the girls call me up because they’re at happy hour, I can just throw on some boots in the car and I’ll be ok.

A lot of the items have motivational sayings. Tell me what inspired that?

Nikki: It’s crazy but when we’re walking down the street and someone has something written on their shirt, we read it. So our goal was for people to read these positive sayings so they can walk by with a smile on their face. You never know who you can touch while you’re doing something as simple as walking. You’re literally connecting and communicating with people through words on your shirt.

Right now, Birdiebee has sizes available for sale ranging from X-Small to XXL. Do you have any plans to hook up your plus size fans with options?

Brie: Our plus size line is coming out in January and we’re so excited! From the beginning, we wanted to have plus size options. When you first start a line like this, you are limited with what sizes you can offer. So we’re very happy that we will be expanding our collection to include many more women.

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What are your other plans for expansion in the future? Any maternity, baby or maybe a special collection for men?

Brie: We really want to do it all! Those are all in the works. They’re all written in our notebook.

Nikki: Both John and Bryan said they would model the male underwear. So we’ll be holding them to it.”

Changing gears quickly, your wine is a huge hit and sold out. What’s up next for Bella Radici?

Brie: “Vintage Chardonnay is coming out in the spring. We’re bottling it December 1st in Napa so you’ll spot the Bella’s in Napa in early December.”