The 5 Most Outrageous Looks from the Latin Grammys

Wacky outfits are the staple of every awards show! From pop artist Z LaLa to Mexicana Natalia Lafourcade, here are the 5 most outrageous looks from the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards:

1. Outrageous Latin Grammy Fashion: Z Lala

Z LaLa

The 23-year-old pop artist took the prize for the most outrageous outfit with this futuristic and colorful look.

2. Outrageous Latin Grammy Fashion: Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade

The Mexican pop-rock singer, who won for “Best Alternative Music Album,” appeared to be in tune with the universe in this mix patterned dress.

3. Outrageous Latin Grammy Fashion: Cucu Diamantes

Cucu Diamantes

While we can certainly appreciate the lacy top portion of Cucu’s dress, the feathery bottom just gave it too much of a bird-like feel.

4. Outrageous Latin Grammy Fashion: Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole

Nat King Cole’s daughter was clearly hoping to channel her inner Disney villain last night when she opted for this orange gown.

5. Outrageous Latin Grammy Fashion: Charo


We love Charo and she definitely looks amazing for a 62-year-old mujer! But this thigh-bearing piece would have looked much better without the flower accents and finger exposing gloves.