GM Ten Party Fashion Show 2007

1. gm ten 01


GM Ten Party and Fashion Show, February 20, 2007

Christina Milian has a lot of free time on her hands these days, so she can spend extra time getting ready for events like these. She looks gorgeous!


2. gm ten 02

 Her look on the runway is very classic. Just like the coupe behind her!

3. gm ten 03

Babel star and Academy Award nominee Adriana Barraza seems to be getting used to the Hollywood lifestyle...

4. gm ten 04

Here she is backstage with Mario Lopez. That guy is everywhere!

5. gm ten 05

There he is again, sashaying down the runway.

6. gm ten 06

 One last pic of Mario, pictured here with girlfriend Karina, who you may remember as his partner on Dancing With The Stars.

7. gm ten 07

Not sure what Eva LaRue is doing here. Oh, right—she's on one of TV's highest-rated shows! (CSI: Miami for those of you that don't know.)

8. gm ten 08

What's this? New couple alert?! Penelope Cruz and Ashton Kutcher are looking pretty cozy backstage. Where's Demi Moore?!

9. gm ten 09

Sike! There she is. Guess they're all just good friends.

10. gm ten 10

 Roselyn Sanchez gives a sexy look before she heads inside.

11. gm ten 11

Her old modeling days come right back to her as soon as she hits the runway.

12. gm ten 12

A little diva turn at the end and vóila!