Jennifer Lopez Shutters Sweetface in the U.S.

Jennifer Lopez’s contemporary sportswear line Sweetface has been pulled from production after failing to make an impact on the U.S. market (and in the diva’s bank account). According to WWD, this marks the end of Lopez’s clothing business in the United States.

“In light of some new company strategies, we have decided to put the Sweetface line on hiatus while we prepare to reintroduce the brand in the near future with new messaging points and an entirely new fashion point of view,” the company said Tuesday.

There is no word on how or when the possible relaunch will take place. Sweetface was launched in 2003 as an urban-sportswear spinoff of her main fashion line, JLO, where it quickly escalated to a high-end line sold at boutique retailers such as But the diva isn’t down and out of the apparel market entirely: The JLO line continues to sell outside the U.S. in 40 countries. JLO by Jennifer Lopez–branded costume jewelry can be found in the United States at Macy’s, and the Victoria’s Secret catalogue carries the brand’s shoe collection. The company also continues to do well with its six fragrances, with a seventh expected to be introduced later this year.