5 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Coffee

Drink up, café lovers! On September 29, we commemorate an important holiday: National Coffee Day. For one full day, coffee drinkers can celebrate and relish their deliciously warm addiction. In preparation for the holiday, we chatted with NESCAFE Dolce Gusto to get the surprising details on their recent survey about American's infatuation with java.

Here are five facts from the survey that will definitely shock you:

1. Coffee: Fact 1

#1: 42% of coffee drinkers believe that their last cup of java was more satisfying than their last intimate experience. En serio?

2. Coffee: Fact 2

#2: It's a fact: drinking coffee is caliente — literally and figuratively! 59% of coffee drinkers agree that other coffee drinkers are sexier than non-coffee drinkers.

3. Coffee: Fact 3

#357% of coffee drinkers cannot imagine getting through several life experiences without their daily dose of café:

  • Starting a new job (34%)
  • Moving (25%)
  • College (25%)
  • Having a child (15%)
  • Getting married (15%)

4. Coffee: Fact 4

#4: 44% of coffee drinkers say their morning "officially" begins after they've had their first cup of joe.

5. Coffee: Fact 5

#5: Coffee drinkers think sipping a cup of joe makes them smarter! On average, coffee drinkers think they gain 25 IQ points after their morning cup, and 14% of drinkers think they gain 55 to 99 points.