Haute Tots!

1. Baby Style Valentina

Haute Tot Couture Style:

Socially minded Salma doesn't spare any expense when it comes to outfitting little Valentina. Already a jet-setter, Valentina has been photographed shopping with Mami at Balenciaga and is set to inherit a billion dollar (yup, a billion) fortune from Papa Pinault who already owns a ton of luxury brands like Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent. We're sure to see Valentina out and about in only the finest the fashion world has to offer.


2. Baby Style Max Emme

Oh So Ghetto Fabulous!

We've all heard the rumors, personal masseuses, fur Roberto Cavalli coats and gilded cribs...Max and Emme are definitely being raised to appreciate the finer things in life. We love La Lopez's determination to give her babies the best the world has to offer but come on, do 3 month olds really need Chinchilla fur coats? It's all just a bit over the top. Pretty soon these kids are going to look more like blinged-out accessories than babies!

3. Baby Style Max

Genie with a Bottle

Mami-hood hasn't seemed to slow Christina down one bit and she makes sure to dress her "Greatest Song" in clothes only the flyest little guys would rock. Check him out in this adorable little plaid hoody, looking every bit the baby musician he is and ready to celebrate Kingston Rossdale's 2nd birthday in style! Now, if only Christina could take a cue from baby Max Liron's all natural adorable-ness and ease up on the make-up...

4. Baby Style Harlow

Rocker Royalty:

Unlike Christina, little Harlow has seemed to have resulted in a 180 degree shift in Nicole Richie's life. But that doesn't mean her style is any less funky! A confirmed fan of The Cure, Harlow is already way cooler than most babies we know. With Nicole favoring a laid-back boho chic look these days we're sure little Harlow will help her Mami keep her edge as she gets older!


5. Baby Style Alba-Warren

California Love

Jessica is going to pop anyday now and we can't wait to get a glimpse of babygirl Honor Warren! Even though she's not here yet, we've been tracking J. Alba's maternity style and we're pretty sure that once Honor is out & about on the Hollywood scene Alba will stick to her easy-breezy Cali style. Check her out in this recent Indiana Jone's inspired outfit!