An Orgasm A Day Can Keep Prostate Cancer Away, Study Says

An Orgasm A Day Can Keep Prostate Cancer Away

Orgasms are known to relax and satisfy. When you climax, you’re at a heightened state as your brain releases oxytocin and dopamine, two endorphins that give off a natural high. Orgasms also help fight illness and disease. Got a cold? Get freaky and feel much better! Have a history of cancer? Use sex as prevention!

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Or, at least that's what a recent study suggests. Results reveal than an orgasm a day may keep prostate cancer away. But, it’s not about how many women or men a man sleeps with; he just has to ejaculate daily. If nightly sex isn't an option, he can masturbate.

Bottom line, this is a simple solution to a health crisis. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men; about one in seven men are diagnosed in their lifetime. If men ever needed another excuse to orgasm, they have one!

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