6 Reasons To Ghost a Love Interest

6 Reasons To Ghost a Love Interest

If you run a Google search on the term “ghosting,” you’ll find content on how to cope and the most hilarious memes on what it feels like when a love interest disappears like Houdini. The majority of us have experienced ghosting — and it’s horrible! Can’t Casper (the unfriendly ghost) muster up some courage and say, “this isn’t working out for me?” Get some cojones, man!

On the other hand, sometimes ghosting is the only way to end a relationship. Yes, it’s rude, inconsiderate and in bad form, but certain circumstances force our hand. Here are some reasons to ghost a love interest:

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1. When no doesn’t mean no: From breakup telegrams to blocking him on social media, you’ve tried to end your relationship a dozen times and in a hundred different ways. Yet he doesn’t get the hint. This is a perfect time to ghost. Instead of wasting your breath on this potential stalker, stop engaging altogether. Don’t respond to his texts, emails or calls. If need be, change your number. You might be in danger, chica.

2. A one-night stand: A casual relationship doesn’t always deserve an official breakup, especially if it’s a one-night stand. Sometimes a “wham-bam-thank-you, mam” experience goes awry and your one-time lover wants to take you out to dinner and see you in daylight. Um, how dare he? You were just in it for the sex! If he doesn’t quit romancing you, pull a Casper.

3. A bad date: I’ve been guilty of ghosting a bad date. We went out twice but didn’t kiss, as there was no chemistry. Still, he contacted me a few times, and I dodged his calls. That’s perfectly okay. Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t into a guy. If neither of you have invested any time, energy or emotions into a not-so budding romance (‘cause it’s pretty much a dead weed), then you have my permission to go bye-bye without batting an eye.

4. Texting relationship: You know that guy you gave your number to at your local bar? Although he texts you constantly, he has yet to ask you out. The thing is a texting relationship isn’t a relationship at all. You don’t owe him anything, especially since he’s yet to show real initiative to get to know you. If you’re over his texting games, stop replying and ghost his ass.

5. An ex you’re hung up on: They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. If you don’t believe that (and I personally don’t) but really want to move on from an ex, then disappear. While some believe being friendly with an ex is “the right thing to do,” it’s sometimes too difficult to smile, wave and make small talk. That’s when you should go off into the night — and don’t leave a trail.

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6. He hurt you: Whether it’s a hurtful ex, a toxic relationship or someone you’ve dated off and on, it’s your choice to cut them out of your life however you choose. If you’ve had enough of their mind games and struggle to let go of a nasty relationship or pattern, maybe you need to ghost them. Sometimes talking through the gunk doesn’t get you anywhere, especially if someone continuously hurts you. That’s when you do like Casper (the unfriendly ghost) and boo-unce.