MUN2 Hooks Up Young Latinos With Their Dream Jobs

Mun2 recently launched a new half-hour reality show aimed at giving Latino youth an opportunity to explore their dream jobs by matching them up with experts in the field.  We caught up with one of the participants, 21 year old Jessica, and her mentor for the day, mun2 VJ Yarel to find out more about the show and what they learned from the experience. Check it out below:

Jessica, why did you want to be part of The mun2 Hookup?

Jessica: I’m going to the Center City College and majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I’ve always wanted to get into journalism because people say that news reporters are not honest and not to believe the media. I want to be different, to be a reporter and get my voice out there. I want to spread the truth and be realistic. Before the show I always doubted myself, I didn’t think I would be a good writer, I didn’t think I people would want to watch me on any show. I was watching mun2, and I heard that they had a casting so I sent my video. I kept thinking that maybe they wouldn’t call me. When I got that phone call, I believed in myself again and I felt like I had to do this for my parents. Being the only the daughter to graduate from high school and go to college just drove me even more.

Yarel, you’re still studying to get your master’s degree, did you speak with Jessica about the importance of school and education?

Yarel: I totally did. I find school to be very important, we took her to USC and showed her that an upper level education is crucial for whatever career you want to do. It’s an investment that will last you forever. It was important for me to show her that regardless of the glamorous side of the job; the hair and make up and the artists and what not, there’s this other side. We need to educate ourselves to meet the standards for television which means asking the right questions, being an eloquent speaker, being able to know interesting facts about the artist and their interests.

When you were going through this experience was there anything really surprising about following Yarel?

J: She has to wake up so early in the morning, I thought I couldn’t do it! When she told me I had to interview Reynato (another mun2 VJ), I was nervous. I’ve interviewed people but not someone on TV who can say, “Oh, she’s interviewing me wrong.” What if I asked the wrong questions? One thing Yarel told me was always listen, you could have all these questions but really you have to listen and ask questions based on what they say.

Yarel, what do you think was the most important thing you passed on to Jessica?

Y: When you’re on T.V. it seems all fancy and glamorous, but there is a lot of work and a lot of people behind it. One of the things that I wanted her to see besides the school and the hard work is appreciating all the players in it, from the camera man to the editor, to the PA and interns. Also, I hope she understood that wanting to be famous or wanting to be on TV is not what being a broadcast journalist is about. If that’s what you want then be an actress or become a singer. So I mean if anything I really wanted her to see that its not about being a diva, its about getting your message across regardless of what it is and being passionate about it.

What next steps are you taking to work towards your goal, Jessica?

J: I’m graduating from college next year. I really want to get an agent and start doing a little bit of acting, so I can get used to speaking in front of the camera because that’s something they told me I have to work on a little bit. This show impacted me and gave me a lot of hope. I think of that day when I was with Yarel, they chose me because I have something that no one else had. I am here and you have to believe in yourself. This was something I will never forget, it was such a good experience for me.

Check out The mun2 Hook Up episode featuring Yarel & Jessica tomorrow night, Aug. 13th at 10PM!