An Empanada Emoji Might Soon Be Coming to Your Phone

Empanada Emoji Might Be Coming to Your Phone

Just in case you're thinking twice about downloading ANOTHER phone update this month, you might want to reconsider. 

The Unicode Consortium will be releasing 72 new emojis later this month, including our long-awaited favorites: avocado and paella emojis.

But there's one huge potential deep-fried surprise in the works ... could we possibly be getting an empanada emoji?

While the unconfirmed emoji is currently listed as "dumpling" on the site, "empanada" is listed as one of the various ethnic interpretations of the food. 

The implementation of this emoji would mean a huge win for the six-month-long Kickstarter campaign created by journalist Jennifer Lee, chef Eddie Huang and author Kenny Lao. They claimed by implementing a dumpling emoji, they'd be able to represent a multitude of different cultures.

"Dumplings are one of the most universal cross-cultural foods in the world," the campaign notes. "Poland has pierogi ... Italy has ravioli ... Argentina has empanadas, and China has potstickers. Yet there is no dumpling emoji. There's a time to change that and that time is now." 

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We should know soon enough whether or not our favorite food will be included in the update. Until then, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

(h/t Remezcla)