The Best Career Advice from Seriously Inspiring Mujeres

With the start of a new year, it’s easy to feel motivated to make big changes in your life. If one of your resolutions is to get a new job or to do your current job better, you need to be able to know how to make that happen.

We looked at celebrities and successful Latina women to figure out just what steps you can take to make 2015 a great year in your career.

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1. Jessica Alba on filling a void.

Actress Jessica Alba started The Honest Company after becoming pregnant with her first daughter. She tried to find baby-safe items and kept coming up short, which is what encouraged her to start her own business. She wanted to a fill a void for herself and other mothers.

In an interview with Forbes, Alba gave three tips for entrepreneurs. On top of knowing what the marketplace is like and having “realistic business expectations,” Alba said it’s important to stick to your convictions.

“Stick to your guns–if someone can persuade you to depart from your idea, it’s a sign that the business might not be the right fit for you,” she said. 

2. Rebecca Dailey-Wooley of Boriqua Chicks on being passionate.

Boriqua Chicks, a blog celebrating afro-Latina heritage, was started by two sisters. One of them, Rebecca Dailey-Wooley told Latina that it’s important to not only be passionate but not to compare yourself to others.

“Authentic brands stand out,” Dailey-Wooley said. “Every brand has their own journey; when you embrace that, powerful things can happen.”

Even for those who aren’t starting a business, it’s important to realize that you and someone else are not the same person. There’s no need to add extra pressure on yourself. 

3. Univision Deportes’s Lindsay Casinelli on finding advantages.

Lindsay Casinelli works in a male-dominated field (sports journalism) where she sees herself sometimes unfairly targeted for the comments she makes. But instead of dwelling on it, she tries to worry about doing a good job.

“Especially as a woman — once you get the confidence and the trust of the athletes — it's easier to get something out of them,” she told us. “Maybe with the guys, they won't talk to them about it. But they feel more comfortable telling you.”

4. Eva Longoria on the importance of mentors.

Eva Longoria completed her master’s thesis on Latinas in science, technology, engineering and math, and found that though these women were successful and intelligent, they were discouraged. Longoria stressed that mentors were necessary to helping the next generation.

“I want to challenge all the women here today to become mentors to young women, and show them the way, and show them your path,” Longoria said at a Web Summit, according to USA Today. “Without mentors, the system does not work.”

5. Graphic artist Argentina Flores on not giving up.

Building a career isn’t always easy, but Argentina Flores, who is both a graphic designer and an entrepreneur, says that it’s important to keep fighting.

“There are days that you get knocked down, but you have to get back up and keep going,” she said to us. “Just keep going. There’s action and then there’s relentlessness.”

6. Salma Hayek on not being too hard on yourself.

Salma Hayek has become as well known for her work behind the cameras as for her acting roles. Hayek says that though you have to believe in yourself, you also can’t expect things to just happen. You may be frustrated, but you shouldn’t take it out on yourself.

“You have to take care of yourself, work for yourself, believe in yourself, and also be patient with yourself,” Hayek said to Stylist. “Learn when not to push too hard, and give yourself a break.”

7. NuvoTV’s Lynnette Ramirez on going with the flow.

You can’t control everything. This is a lesson that NUVOTV’s SVP of programming learned. “Being adaptable and resilient are two of the most necessary life skills to hone,” Ramirez told Latina.

8. Sonia Sotomayor on knowing when to fight.

Not everything is worth getting upset over, and Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, but when you do feel you need to speak out, you also need to make sure you are doing it well.

“You have to be courageous in all that you do,” she said, according to Forbes. “You have to know when there’s a time to fight.”

9. America Ferrera on setting your sights high.

America Ferrera said that she grew up as at the daughter of immigrants, and her mother was a strong woman who raised her on her own. She emphasized the importance of women knowing their worth.

“I love relaying that message to girls that it’s OK to be ambitious and set your sights high,” she said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. “Women are doers. They are equals.”

10. Anthropologist Mireya Mayor on not being influenced by others.

Mireya Mayor had led an interesting life. She went from being a Miami Dolphins cheerleader to being an anthropologist, and when she first decided to go into this field, people told her that there weren’t many jobs out there.

But she wouldn’t let anyone talk her out of it.

“Do what you love and chase your dreams. Don’t let [anyone] not only stand in your way, but talk you out of it,” she told us.  “[Their words] could have changed my mind, but I didn’t let it. Now I’m so glad that I didn’t, because the truth is that I can’t imagine doing anything else.”