Modern Mami: My Pregnancy Survival Kit!

Ever wondered what you would absolutely have to have in order to survive if you were stranded on a deserted island? That’s how I sometimes feel now that I’m pregnant.

Here are the five items in my pregnancy survival kit!

1. Modern Mami Survival Kit: Spanx

Spanx Power Mama Panty! 

I loved ‘em before and I love ‘em even more now.  They’ve got plenty of support and there’s a sheer nylon for the belly area so baby isn’t cramped.

2. Modern Mami Survival Kit: Tracy Anderson

The Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD collection

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer so I was thrilled when my buddy Catt Sadler gave me Tracy’s DVD’s. It follows her nine months of pregnancy with specific workout routines for each month. It feels good to break a sweat from actually working out and not just from tying my shoes.

3. Modern Mami Survival Kit: Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

I was skeptical, too. They’re just not cute hanging on the hanger. A pair that I love that are worth the money are my J Brand maternity jeans. They’re great because the elastic is near the pockets, which means you don’t have to store them away after baby comes!  They’re sexy and comfy and you’d never know they were maternity jeans!

4. Modern Mami Survival Kit: Bio Oil

Bio Oil

There are so many anti-stretch mark ointments and creams but Bio-Oil is my favorite. My friend, a mother of two, sent it to me and swore by it. No stretch marks to date, which might have more to do with genetics than oil, but it’s also great for scars and my husband uses it to massage my aching back. 

5. Modern Mami Survival Kit: Body Pillow

My body pillow

Body pillows, which as you know are super important for sleep support… only my body pillow is truly one of a kind. The husband felt a little left out that my new snuggle buddy was a pillow so he modified it to make it a little more familiar for me. Yes, he did this and yes, I peed my pants laughing so hard!