8 Results of Donald Trump's Hateful Campaign

To say that Latinos have had a really rough election cycle would be an understatement. Donald Trump has incited so many people to be openly hateful with his ignorant and violent ideology. It has made us sick to our stomach and have us questioning whether or not the people of the United States truly value our lives.

While his hate speech has inspired several of us to get out to the polls and vote against these ideas, the damage still cannot be overlooked. Whether or not Trump wins the election, these ideas will undoubtedly continue in the minds and hearts of those who believe in them. The first step in stopping them is acknowledging that these things happen.

Ahead, check out some of the stories and video footage of the worst things that Trump's campaign has caused. 

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1. Trump Campaign

A girl's high school soccer team in Wisconsin was verbally accosted mid-game by the opposing team. The girls of Beloit Memorial High School were attacked by fans of Elkorn Area High School yelling, "Donald Trump, build that wall!"

"[Our players] came off the field and weren't able to finish the game because they were too upset and distraught over what happened to them," Beloit coach Brian Denu told WISC-TV. "I could just see the hurt and pain on their face and know that this was obviously something they hadn't seen before."

2. Trump Campaign

At a Trump rally in Phoenix, more violence occurred as anti-Latino hate spilled over from his supporters. In this video, a man goes on a racist rant about Mexicans, telling some people that he believes are Mexican to "Go f**king make my tortilla, mother**cker and build that f**cking wall for me."

3. Trump Campaign

In "Unfiltered: Voices From Trump's Crowds," we get the ugliest look at what Trump supporters can be like. With footage from rallies all over the country, people gather wearing shirts that say "F*ck Islam" and yell racist and sexist slurs about President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton

4. Trump Campaign

In this video by progressive public policy group MoveOn, we see teenagers hanging a banner reading "build a wall" inside of a high school and students chanting the presidential hopeful's name as young people of color pass by. 

5. Trump Campaign

Texas' Colleyville Heritage High School held a Donald Trump-inspired pep rally right before a game against Trinity High School.

The biggest kicker here? While Colleyville is one of the whitest and most affluent schools in the area, Trinity is the most diverse school in the state. 

6. Trump Campaign

This New York Post video shows Trump-inspired racism at it's finest, brought to you by road rage.

This man was upset by the camera-holder's driving, so what does he consider the best way to handle this? Yells derogative slurs at him, chants Trump's name, and tells him that Black lives don't matter very loudly in the middle of the road.

7. Trump Campaign

When Trump was speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona, this supporter was caught on camera yelling "Jew S.A." instead of "U.S.A."

His excuse when asked about it? "I'm around Mexican people all the time ... I speak Spanish a lot. That's just the way I say it."

8. Trump Campaign

When Alexandra Avila expressed her anger about Trump at her workplace in Iowa, we're sure she wasn't expecting it to end in a lawsuit.

Her co-workers began to harrass her for her political views, calling her an "illegal immigrant" and sending her racially insensitive memes. When she went to file a complaint about it to her employers, they fired her. Avila is currently suing her former employer for racially motivated harrassment from her co-workers.