‘Wonder Women!’ Filmmaker Launches Empowering Video Game For Tweens

Wonder Women! The Untold Stories of Superheroines filmmaker Kristy Guevara-Flanagan has launched a new video game called Wonder City in an effort to empower young girls.

An online interactive video game, Wonder City give girls, ages 9 through 12, the opportunity to choose their own avatar which can be customized by shape and color, and teaches them how to be a superhero or leader.

“We started doing research on games, and when we looked at pre-teen games, every option out there was about having a makeover, or celebrity dating or boyfriends, or social climbing to become more popular — they were all just really bad,” Guevara-Flanagan told NBC Latino. “Young girls are very interested in gaming, and we feel they should have the same options boys have.”

Not only does the game teach girls about leadership, it also tackles how to recognize stereotypes and educates them about important women in history. The game runs as episodes and more will be made available as they are funded. Guevara-Flanagan is also working on an app for the game which will allow greater access to other interested players.

“People are enjoying it,” said Guevara-Flanagan about users’ reactions since Wonder City’s launch last month. “Right now it’s getting a lot of interest from teachers and librarians. Our film is currently being distributed to schools and libraries, so I’ve been talking about it, and we’ll be going to gaming conferences as well.”

Would you allow your hija to play this game? Would you consider playing it yourself?