WATCH: An Emotional Plea From Mother and Daughter Separated by Deportation

Since 2009, nearly two million have been deported from the United States. 

On Friday, The Huffington Post puts faces to the numbers, interviewing activist Evelyn Rivera and her mother, Yolanda Rivera.

Seven years ago, Yolanda Rivera and her family were separated when she was deported back to Colombia over a minor traffic infraction. 

Yolanda Rivera and her daughter participated in a project this past summer called Operation Butterfly, and were briefly reunited on the U.S./Mexican border. Yolanda travelled from Colombia to Nogales, Mexico, and Evelyn travelled from Florida to Nogales, Arizona. For twelve hours, the two enjoyed each other's company.. but remained separated by a fence.

"I keep fighting for the day when we can be reunited permanently," Evelyn Rivera said. 

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