Rosario Dawson 'Excited' About New USA Network Series 'Briarpatch'

Photo: Eric Charbonneau/CTMG

Rosario Dawsonsays she's "excited" to finally open up about her new series for USA Network!

The Men in Black star told Business Insider she's relieved she can finally open up about the project, executive produced by Mr. Robot's Sam Esmail.

"Oh! It's exciting that we're finally able to talk about it, and I'm excited to get into the writers' room," she told the site. "It's already been an amazing experience working with such incredible people. 

I got to meet so many people that I love so much, now, and I'm looking forward to us being able to see each other again. You know, it's one of those things where you start off, and you don't know if it's going to happen or not. 

It's weird, I don't think I've ever really ... well, when we shot the pilot of 'Daredevil,' I think we knew we were going to keep going. But yeah, this is like, I'm still kind of reeling from it. I'm just hoping we feel like everything we're putting into it is worth it."

The crime anthology, based on the Ross Thomas novel, "follows Allegra Dill (Dawson), a dogged investigator returning to her border-town Texas home after her sister is murdered," according to Deadline.

What begins as a search for a killer turns into an all-consuming fight to bring her corrupt hometown to its knees.

Dawson will co-star alongside Jay R. Ferguson, Brian Geraghty and Edi Gathegi.