Selena Painted As an Aztec Goddess Is Our Xicana Feminist Dream

Artist, and professor, Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez merged two powerful Latin icons to create a Xicana masterpiece. Titled “Selena as Kotolyxauki,” the multi-media work of art reimagines Tejano music icon, Selena Quintanilla, as the Aztec goddess  Kotolyxauki.

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"Kotolyxauki (pronounced with the “yx” as “sh”) from the Mexica (i.e. Aztecs) has long been an important entity for Xicana feminists and for the study of the stars. She’s an organizer and the one that watches over women,” the artist told the San Antonio Curent. 

Selena has risen to icon status since her untimely death in 1995. Her indigenous features, curvy body, sweet Spanglish, and fierce love of her family, heritage, and community have endeared her to generations of Latinxs and Xicanas who might not have even been born when Selena was alive.

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The gorgeous, and inspiring, rendering is specially painted so it glows under black light . Kuetzpal Vasquez , a professor of color theory, created the piece to play with the light which gives its a more "spiritual meaning."


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The painting is on view at Kuetzpal Vasquez 's San Antonio art studio, Corazones on Fire.