Sharlene Has a Crush on 'El Vecino' Lalo Ebratt And We're Here For It (Watch!)


Sharlene Taule has officially extended the summer, because her new track is too hot!

"El Vecino' tells the story of a gorgeous woman who is excited that a new hottie has just moved in next door. Her vecino, is played by Lalo Ebratt of Trapical Minds, a Colombian rapper that's been in the game since the early '90s. 

"This song is pura vibra and Lalo was the perfect vecino," Sharlene told exclusively. "He's so damn talented and I'm so honored that I could count on him. 

From the song's inception to today--- when it's finally made its big debut, I can easily say it's one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. If you're having a bad day, pump up the volume while listening to this track. It'll change your mood instantly."

At the very least, it'll have you taken a second look at your neightborhoods! We dare you to decide what element you love more: the lyrics, the outfits, Lalo in pigtails, or the beautifully diverse cast of characters vying for el vecino.

Check out the video below and get ready to fall in love too: