You Can Watch The Premiere of 'Alternatino With Arturo Castro' Right Now

Photo Credit: Cara Howe/Comedy Central

Arturo Castro entered living rooms and earned a large fanbase for his portrayal of Jaime Castro on Broad City. He also frightened and shocked that fanbase when he was on Narcos, playing ruthless drug boss David Rodriguez.

On June 18, fans—both new and old—will witness another transformation for the Guetamala-born star. Castro will lead his very own Comedy Central series Alternatino with Arturo Castro where he will play more than 45 different characters in hilarious skits based on his experience as a Latino millenial living in the United States.

The network released the first episode early to show fans what they can expect from the comedy's freshman debut.

“It’s a fictionalized version of myself, his name is Arturo and he’s an actor," Castro told NY Daily News.  "And through him, we will explore some of the stereotypes that exist about Latinos. Like: I don’t like spicy food and my salsa dancing is not that great. What I’m trying to do is create this narrative during a time that so many people are discussing what it means to be an immigrant and to be a Latino today.

My only tool against negativity is empathy. I am using this show to normalize what it’s like to be like us.”

Watch the series premiere below and don't forget to watch the show Tuesday night at 10:30 PM.